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NET-JRF Holders

In 2005, an evening of august, a group of students was discussing and struggling on some topics of molecular biology in ambedakar hostel, university of rajasthan. We found that without a good faculty it is impossible to gain deep understanding of a subject, but in india many institutes and universities are facing a big scarcity of good teachers. So, we decided to fix this problem to some extent by the add of internet. We took advantage of internet to collect various useful information which  could be came from a good faculty and avail it to students of india by our website. By this approach we tried to overcome the unavaialbaility of teachers.  It is our great success that we build a huge database of links and resources for scientific education and it is continously growing. We thought that these information can sharps  skills  of a student, so we decide to circulate it via the internet. That was the moment when we reshuffle all the things and present them as a web-based scientific organization of researchers in life sciences for improvement of scientific education in india.





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